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BSI offers GSM VoIP Mobile2phone solutions; it is easy to use with any OS/Window & PDA mobile. The use of GSM Terminals together with VoIP Networks has significantly increased in the last years and continues to rise. A GSM/VoIP Network configuration permits service providers to bypass the local Wired Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in communicating with a GSM mobile handset.  Thus, the excessive rates charged by telephone companies are avoided.

GSM Solutions are frequently used in countries where the access to phone lines is limited or overly expensive. Multi-channel GSM VoIP solutions are generally deployed in countries where there are multiple GSM service providers.  This way service provider can take advantage of special rates offered for calling mobile numbers that are listed on the same GSM network.

BSI GSM Termination Solution lets system owners manage traffic origination and termination on GSM Mobile Networks. The solution offers real-time CDR as well as monitoring, reporting and business analysis tools.

Mobile2Phone allows users to make VoIP calls on the go directly from their mobile phones, while still enjoying the same low calling rates without any loss of quality. Currently Mobile2Phone works with Fring software which can be downloaded here free: http://www.fring.com/download/

How it works

  • Its easy to install and configure in mobile
  • Works on 3G, GPRS or Wi-Fi.
  • Experience seamless quality directly from your mobile phone.
  • Works with most Symbian OS/Windows Mobile handsets and PDAs.

Requirements to use BSI Mobile2phone service

Fring software installed on a Fring compatible mobile phone.
3G, GPRS or Wi-Fi internet access on mobile phone.

Key Benefits

    • Sell GSM VoIP service with your own brand name
    • Set your own calling rates
    • Low VoIP rates & high commission
    • Freedom from upfront capital expenditures
    • Support on the back-end (with retail rate management to streamline administration)
    • Greater customer satisfaction with choice of traditional GSM VoIP.
    • Smooth and streamlined service management
    • Powerful information tools for customer care agents
    • Flexible rate matrix and billing features
    • Choice of language and greeting messages

Online account access, so you can view call details, order history, update account information, online recharge & much more…

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Pc2phone solution with excellent features & quality. We offer our Pc2phone application with customized branding so
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Call Shop / Cafe solutions will enable people to make long distance and international phone calls at considerably lower prices as compared to the PSTN.

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