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BSI provides Call / Contact center solutions with free software, our hosted VoIP solutions help upcoming Call / Contact centers gain with a huge reduction in initial capital expenditure. BSI offers Domestic, International Local & Toll free DID number with fully DID management web interface for clients. We also provide A-Z voice terminations service so you can use this service to forward DID numbers to any telephone number in the world with very cheap rates.

Many people tend to think of a call center as people neatly organized into rows, sitting beside their phones, answering customer calls.  So what is a contact center?

Contact centers are more than headset-wearing switchboard operators.  The modern contact center handles phone calls, email, and online communication – including instant messaging.

Traditionally, contact centers have been called call centers.  The newer name – contact center – reflects the fact that more than just phone calls are being handled.  Many call centers have evolved over the years to do much more than just answer phones.

Some companies choose to separate the handling of customer contacts by medium.  For instance, a company may establish a department for inbound calls, one for outbound calls, and a group for email.  Some companies, especially smaller ones, opt to create “universal agents” who handle all contact types.  Companies create universal contact agents for reasons of efficiency and service, and often because they find it easier to train agents in multiple communication methods than to train multiple agents in product or service information.

Bottom line, it's up to the customer to decide how they want to communicate with your company, and it's up to your company to respond appropriately through its contact center.

For Contact Centers, convergence is the buzzword for success, when it comes to offering world-class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services. Availability of a channel to efficiently service customers through video, voice, text (or a combination of these elements) is a key requirement for successful operation of contact centers. Black Stallions International (BSI) helps the call / contact centers by offering a wide array of next Gen services which helps them in increasing their productivity and profitability.

Key Benefits

  • High quality Local & Toll free DID numbers
  • We will provide you A-Z Wholesale Voice Termination service.
  • We provide free Call center software
  • You no need to worry about technical issues, our NOC will work 24x7 with you
  • Powerful, automated and adaptive Best Value Routing
  • 24x7 oversight of our Tier-1 network operations and Customer support
  • Performance in near-real time, submit tickets
Online account access, so you can view call details, order history, update account information, online payment & much more..

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Call Shop / Cafe solutions will enable people to make long distance and international phone calls at considerably lower prices as compared to the PSTN.

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